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BRAND SLOGAN - Never Let Me Down Again (Cover)


Never Let Me Down Again (Cover)

Philadelphia, United States

Credit - Damon Kardon

Brand Slogan’s cover of Depeche Mode’s, ‘Never Let Me Down Again,’ is a magical example of what a cover can do. I love Depeche Mode, and I have burned through their discography many times. I know this song inside and out, but to hear it played in a new way brings a whole new side to the song that only a great band can show you. Brand Slogan hasn’t simply covered this song, they have remade it. It is thicker, grittier, heavier. It moves with leaden shoulders through a rocking marsh of metal. It's grungy, dire and oh-so tantalising.

Covers make you twist your ear, “oh yeah this part’s different,” you’ll find yourself saying. Great covers, however, bring about sounds akin to “OOH, Oh yeah! Man, that’s cool.” After a great cover, you swing around and listen to the rest of the music that band has to offer. That is exactly what happened here. Brand Slogan have performed a simply astounding cover of an already great song, and it just makes me excited for the other sounds that they will bring into the world. Incredible.



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