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Breaking Boundaries with 'Limit': iamstray's Euphonious Ode to Modern Indie

iamstray’s single, ‘Limit,’ is a wondrous show of modern indie and all of its creative facets. It sits in this newfound space between pop, rock, and synth-tone lo-fi sounds. There’s a groove to everything in the smoothest of ways. There's a bounce in the bass, a crackle in the guitar and so much life in the vocal it’s hard not to catch a smile and bop along. When the chorus riles up it’s a purely good time and the light of the song changes. It flies through the spectrum hitting pinks and blues and oranges but always keeping things bright. ‘Limit’ is goading us. It’s a beautiful song and it pulls you in with fascinating melodies and smooth rhythms. But I have a feeling that iamstray is nowhere near the limit of their abilities. There are great things coming.

Sometimes songs just need to hit a note so well that they stick with you for days and that’s exactly what iamstray does here. ‘Limit’ knows what it is and it hits the tone and vibe with perfect accuracy and efficiency. It’s fun, colourful and comes jam-packed with wisened lyrics and melodies that will both make you move and make you think. There is a bright light behind the eyes of iamstray and it is a glorious one to behold.



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