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C-BEEM - Starship



Leicester, United Kingdom

C-BEEM hits hard with their latest single, ‘STARSHIPS.’ A bright and astrological synth-pop track that takes its inspiration straight from those 80s greats. The instrumental is set squarely in the retro-future. Glistening bells and string pads govern the cyberspace as clean drums and synthetic trills break free from the neon prisons, showing emotion to the masses. Riling the rebellion is the vocal, bright and clear it rises above the sonic stage and presents us with lively lyrics, calling down starships from the great beyond. The song feels like a blend of Duran Duran, Bowie, The Beatles and ELO. Together these influences work to make a sound that is euphoric, nostalgic, and a damn load of fun.

C-BEEM hit the bullseye here. ‘STARSHIPS’ is a track that values creativity, colour and imagination. It wishes to go back to the world of yesterday when the future looked bright and full of amazing discoveries. A future where we all had ‘STARSHIPS.’



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