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Berlin's electronic music maestro, CALCOU, teams up with SBSTN to release 'About Last Night (Still Dreaming)

CALCOU Blends UK Garage & Electronica in 'About Last Night (Still Dreaming)' - A Nostalgic Musical Dream

CALCOU, a Berlin-based producer and multi-instrumentalist, introduces his latest single, "About Last Night (Still Dreaming)", in collaboration with SBSTN. Release on March 15, 2024, this track offers a unique blend of UK Garage and Electronica, embodying the essence of nostalgic, dreamy introspection.

Firstly, I'm a sucker for UKG. I'm of that generation. What CALCOU has done here along with SBSTN is nothing short of spectacular. The lo-fi keys add an element of dreamlike innocence to the production along with a classical flair. The vocal samples are typically UKG - High pitched, short, and fast but they find themselves balanced out by the stunning vocals from the artist. The way the drumming has been programmed and mixed gives the song both an energetic boost and a journey through the clouds due to the mixing techniques used. It's truly stunning. UKG rarely comes in with lo-fi, most of the songs that I can recall have been infused with UK Rap. "About Last Night" is a song that completely changes the landscape for a new wave of UKG. One thing's for sure - I will not forget this release. I absolutely love it! I love the skill, I love the fusion and, I love the vibes. After listening to "About Last Night (Still Dreaming" I'm now perfectly chilled out for my night ahead and it's all thanks to CALCOU and SBSTN.

The genesis of "About Last Night (Still Dreaming)" brings to light the spontaneous magic that can occur within the process of creativity. CALCOU shares, "As soon as I played the first chords, I could hear him [SBSTN] shout ‘yesss!’ from the couch area... For us, this song is about experiencing things for the first time and that dreamlike feeling that remains the day after."

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CALCOU -   About last night (still dreaming)
CALCOU - About last night (still dreaming)

Now for something super exciting! Following three EPs and several acclaimed singles, CALCOU has announced his long-awaited debut album, "Murmuration." With previous releases earning spots on Spotify editorial playlists like Fresh Finds and Late Night Vibes, and receiving high praise from CLASH Magazine, Indie Shuffle, and ElectroPosé, CALCOU's "Murmuration" is one seriously anticipated album.

"With 'About Last Night (Still Dreaming),' CALCOU and SBSTN entice listeners into a journey through the hazy aftermath of memorable nights and first experiences.

Genres: Electronic, Deep House, Garage (Dance)

Mood: Nostalgic, Relaxing, Dreamy

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