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Callisto's 'This is Awkward' is a Modern Indie-Rock Classic

Credit - Callisto

Stop. Put down the cup of tea. Move the furniture — you’re gonna need some room to listen to Callisto’s behemoth of a single, ‘This is Awkward.’ It starts off like a 00s alt-rock staple. It gets the beat right. The guitars twang in just the right ways. The off notes take you even further down the nostalgic rabbit hole. The vocals belt out lyrics that melt right into your skin. They stick with you. Clear, cool, composed. It’s modern, swish and full of style. But there is something growing behind that catchy chorus. Something waiting to rile up the band. Something…

The switch, the opening riff makes a comeback. A shouting vocal belts from nowhere. The drums pick up speed. Soon you’re thrashing out, taking in the cymbals, the chugging guitar and the vocals that simply won't let up. They gallop on. Filling the gaps in sound with rhythmic lyrics. The power that comes from the band is astounding. ‘This is Awkward’ is a modern indie-rock classic. It's quick, tight, simple and stylish. And it houses one hell of a chorus. Callisto nailed it. Itching to catch this live. Massive.



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