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Carried Away" by Nicky Roland & Royden Vigilance: A Genre-Defying Electronic Collaboration

When distinct musical backgrounds meld into a cohesive whole, the result is often spectacular. This stands true for the unlikely collaboration between Chicago House's veteran Nicky Roland and Guyanese-born American producer Royden Vigilance in their new track "Carried Away," which is nothing short of a sonic revelation.

The musical prowess of Nicky Roland, a known trailblazer in the House scene, paired with Royden Vigilance's unique talent for vocals and deep house sensibilities, births a piece that is not just music but an experience.

"Carried Away" is a vibrant exhibition of drum and bass, a departure from the duo's House music background. This shift might seem drastic on paper, but one listen to the track and it's evident that this is a collaboration meant to be. The fusion of cutting-edge beats, infectious melodies, and awe-inspiring bass hooks is executed with finesse, creating an adrenaline-pumping experience that resonates in the very core of your being.

Nicky's UK roots give the production a distinctive edge, and it blends effortlessly with Royden's expertise. The heart-pounding beats, the spine-tingling synths, and hypnotic basslines work in harmony, creating a soundscape that both challenges and celebrates genre barriers.

Royden Vigilance, with his entrancing vocal capabilities, adds a layer to the track that transcends the conventional. His voice guides you through the journey, providing a humane touch to the electronic landscape. The lyrics resonate with passion, reflecting the essence of the artists and their love for experimentation and innovation.

"Carried Away" is more than just a one-off project; it's a promise of what's to come. The union of Nicky Roland and Royden Vigilance, as they redefine possibilities in electronic music, hints at more mind-bending creations in the future. This release sets a precedent, one that will likely be referenced by future collaborations in the industry.

"Carried Away" is a testament to what creativity, passion, and innovation can achieve when unshackled by genre constraints. It's a track that doesn't just demand your attention; it seizes it. It's an audacious venture that leaves listeners craving more, a track that carries them away to new horizons.

This is not merely music; it's a movement. One that we hope will inspire many more such collaborations, pushing the boundaries and expanding the very definition of electronic music.

For those interested in exploring this exhilarating journey further, interviews and behind-the-scenes glimpses are available. Follow Nicky Roland and Royden Vigilance on social media to stay abreast of this electrifying duo.

"Carried Away" is available now on your preferred streaming platforms.



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