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Carson Aday's 'Fade Away': A Journey Through Faith and Fame

Carson Aday: Exploring Moral Depths in 'Fade Away
Cover art for Carson Aday's single 'Fade Away'
Cover art for Carson Aday's single 'Fade Away'

Carson Aday, is a name that should be right on the tip of your tongue within the next few years. Aday, a multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for introspective songwriting, has released his latest single 'Fade Away' Accompanied by drummer Jonathan Peace and bassist Payton Seiler. Influenced by producers Nick Tveitbakk and Scott Ayers, Aday presents a track that resonates with his internal moral and religious struggles amidst his rising career in the music industry. It's a topic that is discussed but usually behind closed doors, with nobody really listening or doing anything. What Aday has done through the release of 'Fade Away' is tackle these hardships head-on and use his platform to promote morality within the music industry, all whilst keeping his love for his craft at the forefront of its creation.

Aday began writing music age 18 where he had a strong foundation in classical piano and international competition experience. Once he developed his sound and found his artistic identity, it became clear that his influences merged a blend of classical, jazz, indie rock, pop, and opera. A unique but entrancing mix, but it doesn't end there. Taking significant inspiration from the likes of rock bands The Strokes, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fleetwood Mac, Duke Ellington, Chet Baker, and John Coltrane, Aday's love for multiple genres mixed with his skillset grew into his mixed artistic flair - thus making him somewhat of a unique, at the very least, rare, character in the world of music.

Promotional image of Carson Aday performing live with a guitar and band in monochrome
Promotional image of Carson Aday

So, what is the single 'Fade Away' about? The theme dives headfirst into Aday's fear of losing his Christian faith during his navigation around the challenges of the music industry.

Produced at Pachyderm Studios, renowned for hosting artists like Nirvana and Beach House, the production quality is as expected, top tier.

Reflecting upon Aday's personal struggles, the lyrics address one's battle with fame and faith, with the narrative being that of friends and family reminding him not to 'fade away'.

'Fade Away' is a beautiful song inside and out. From the dream-pop elements to the speed of the subtle drumming. I feel an air of Harry Styles' 'As It Was' drift across me. It's in the space of the piece, the way that the drumming has been arranged to bring speed and energy to the track without the need for dramatic levels. The guitar as it hypnotizes, and the layers of backing vocals.

'Fade Away' is hands down my new favorite rock pop song (second to the work of Harry Styles). I'm looking forward to hearing more from Carson Aday, and when I do, I'm sure it will make my day. Defo a One2Watch!

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