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Drive Alone

Provo, UT, United States

Credit - Danya Morrison, Ashley Shoenrock

Carson Ferris’s latest single, ‘Drive Alone,’ pushes the pop sound to its breaking point. It's bold, bright, and brings a smile to your pop-loving soul. It's not so often that a new pop song brings back memories of those great 00s pop days. The rise of our great stars today started then, with sounds that Carson Ferris is building upon right under our noses. ‘Drive Alone’ feels like the pinnacle of pop, it's fast, catchy and features some smashing vocals that you will be hard-pressed to fault at any moment. The result? A track that is binge-worthy, you’ll have this beat stuck in your head for days — but don’t blame me, blame the melodic master that is … Carson Ferris.

It is early doors for Carson Ferris, yet ‘Drive Alone’ already has within it so much power and drive. The more that comes from this young budding artist, the more people will follow. Keep writing, keep playing. We’re listening and we love it.



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