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Credit - Gabe Taylor

EVERYBODY CALM DOWN! Yes, the rumours are true. Carson Ferris is back with another smashing single. And it has no business being as good as it is. ‘Speed Limit’ is a profoundly perfect pop track that blends classic Bieber vibes with a new-day Mendes composition; never forgetting to add that classic Carson Ferris charm. The beat flows like gold. The guitars and the backing blend to form one cohesive and delightful foundation for those insane vocals. They soar, they glide, they cut through clouds, and they twirl back down into the stratosphere from a vacation amongst the stars. Another swing, and another home run from Carson Ferris.

‘Speed Limit’ is a wonderful pop track, truly. It's bright, energetic and full of honest energy. If Carson Ferris keeps this up, there is no stopping him. Already his name feels right next to some of the biggest pop talents, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The car is in gear, it’s already rolling at speed. Now all Carson Ferris has to do is keep it steady. What a track — what an artist.



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