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Carsten Schnell’s "I Have Been Waiting": A Modern Homage to Classic Blues Brilliance

If you need a good strong hit of some classic blues, look no further than Carsten Schnell’s ‘I Have Been Waiting.’ It’s a modern song with some classic influences, bringing back that blues sound that blew up the world. There is something immortal about the classic blues style. The chugging bass and the clack of the drums, sharp biting piano rolls which cut through the guitar but never get in the way of those golden gritty vocals. Once the fire starts there’s no stopping it, so you might as well dance along to the crackling flames.

‘I Have Been Waiting’ is a bold song. It comes at you with rampaging blues. The soul of the music is solid, passionate and eager to share its tune. The vocal commands the space as the instrumental fires off all around us. The never-ending roll, the stars in the sky, the story of it all. It’s perfect. Carsten Schnell has paid tribute to the classics of old in a forgiving and exemplary way. This is a song forged from love, this is a song that shares that love, and it shares it in style. Great blues licks, great blues sounds. What’s not to like? Brilliant.



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