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Falling Into

Los Angeles, United States

Hard rock, Full attitude, metal-inspired heaviness – that’s what you get when hitting play on Centreshift’s release ‘Falling Into’. Not only are we given this gem of a piece but there is an accompanying music video for us all to experience.

In a mix of heavy guitar strums and layered melodic riffs, resets a vocal performance which takes on an emotive role amidst the attituded of its instrumentation. ‘Falling Into’ takes many paths at many different speeds throughout. From the fast and furious to the stripped back and mellow and through to energising metal riffs, this is a song that boasts a lot of skill.

The vocals are clear, and emotive and shine consistently throughout the piece regardless of the instrumentation entails. It’s a testament to the work ethic of the group that they have been able to find a balance between instrumentation, arrangement and composition.

‘Falling Into’ is a great piece, that I will listen to again and again! - TAMARA JENNA

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