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Centreshift's 'Fade Away': A Modern Ode to 00s Rock with Heart and Soul

Centreshift brings the post-grunge new rock 00s vibe into the modern day without marring any of the shining nostalgic tones that make those songs so special. Their latest single, ‘Fade Away,’ holds so much goodness in it, so much power, so much heart. The heart is really what sets Centershift apart from the masses, and as soon as you listen to one of their tracks you’ll know why. The blasting guitars hold a perfect texture, and the bass supports, never takes away. The drums roll into themselves and clash with the instrumental, the two sounds surge and the song swells to meet those wonderful vocals. Just enough grit, just enough clarity and oodles of heart and soul.

‘Fade Away’ swoons. It belts the chorus, you feel it filling your lungs with 00s rock flare. The lyrics hit hard but that melody hits harder. It will remain with me for days. Centershift are certainly here to stay.



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