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CHAD LEWINE - Dark Nights


Dark Nights

Lansdale, PA, United States

Credit - Allebach Photography & Chad Lewine

That feeling when a song just clicks with you is why we all listen to music. When it sits in a slot in your soul you did even know was open. That was the sensation I felt with Chad Lewine’s ‘Dark Nights.’ It's a pop song that leans on synth tones and eclectic beats to turn a phrase. The vocals climb the walls as the beat grows, the bass in the low-end catchy as all heck. Once the song gets going and you’re in the thick of it, you’ll never want to leave. Its soundstage is stark, bright, and full of interesting shapes and colours and the melody that beats the hearts of everyone there.

‘Dark Nights’ houses that classic 1975 sound. It's beat-heavy, full of amazing phrases, and focuses on the little details to make the song burst out into its new sound. Chad Lewine is taking great strides in the right direction. Let's all keep our fingers crossed, hoping that there is more to come.



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