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CHARLOTTE SESSIONS - Should I Be the Man? (Radio Edit)


Should I Be the Man? (Radio Edit)

Roselle Park, New Jersey, United States

Photo Credit - Isaiah Gray

Charlotte Sessions’ latest single is a powerful pop track that blends the funk of the past with the moods of the present. With a doo-wop vibe but a contemporary composition, ‘Should I Be the Man (Radio Edit)’ is a fascinating track that delights from the get-go. It's got a beat that makes you swoon, a power in the melody that sinks right into your skin and a texture in the vocal that is unmissable. Charlotte Sessions is drawing on personal experiences and real-world expectations with this single and you can feel it. The lyrics are grounded, complementary and show a heartfelt side to ‘Should I Be the Man’ that would be lost without them.

This single marks the start of something special. Once you hear it you will understand. With such a voice, such a message, and a way with words comes stardom. ‘Should I Be the Man (Radio Edit)’ is the first of many amazing tracks from Charlotte Sessions I am sure of it. Keep an ear out, the fantastic tunes are sure to continue.



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