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The Christmas period can bring about one of three types of people, those that love Christmas in which case you are probably listening to the classics like ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’. The second type of person is someone who completely avoids all festivities and actively listens to music that isn't remotely Christmas-like. Then there is the third type of person, the one that sees the value Christmas can bring upon the family unit, that is when you need to be listening to Midlands artist Chris Mason.

This gorgeously emotive track frames a situation I am sure given recent events we can all relate to. At a time when we couldn’t spend time together for the holidays, this year is the year we all wished for when we could reunite with our loved ones and celebrate the year again together, but more importantly, making a point to remember to never take that for granted again.

Featuring an almost sorrowful backing of what has been lost, but a forceful vocal delivery enforcing the importance of those lyrics ‘I’ll never miss one more Christmas with you’. This is combined with an epic choir-like back appearance chanting a humming and chanting a rhythm in unison, providing a level of warmth to the track.

This is not the conventional Christmas release but it is certainly one that is relevant, enjoyable and important! - JASMINE


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