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Chris Pellnat's 'Super Saiyan': A Heartwarming Blend of Country/Folk with a Touch of Anime

Chris Pellnat has created a tune that sings directly to the heart and the power it can give us. ‘Super Saiyan’ is a song that falls into the country/folk genre. It’s a concoction of acoustic guitars, accordions, bright vocals and some soft percussion that comes and goes like a beloved summer wind. The start of the track is quiet, simple. It introduces that vocal and all of its beautiful textures. It plays with the guitar in solitude, finding shapes and chords that will go on to shape the entire track. The light lands on the pair, soon more sounds join in, the band gets bigger, the sound thicker. The chorus arrives and the cathartic explosion feels sublime.

Now, if you’re familiar with Super Saiyans, you may not yet grasp how they can be the subject of a slow-time country song. I assure you, they can. This song peruses the energy inside us, the love, the heart of us all. Whatever you want to call it, it has so many different names. Chris Pellnat’s ‘Super Saiyan’ is a clashing of worlds, a meeting of ideas, a blending of souls. The chorus ties the whole thing up and it works, it simply works. This is a song that will burn a smile onto your face, make you laugh, perhaps cry a little. Chock full of emotion and brilliance, ‘Super Saiyan’ is unmissable.



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