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Richmond, VA, United States

Credit - Curtis Corneilius Charity

If there's one thing that I truly love it is music that is born out of the darkness. Those types of songs where an artist exorcises their demons in order to feel free (even if it is sometimes only during the process of creating them). This is something that Richmond-based, multigenre talent 'Curtis Charity' AKA 'Cin the Ciege' has managed to pursue through his latest release 'Craving'.

"I spoke my deepest desires into the mic. It is a story of the lonely lover. I'm speaking to the Craving man, the one that only shows his love in the dark." - CURTIS CHARITY AKA CIN THE CIEGE

Speaking from his own experience, 'Cin the Ciege' AKA Curtis Charity talks of having an entire relationship in his car for a year with someone who couldn't admit who they were or what they desired. For some of us, this is something that will ring a bell. I know I have someone in mind.

The mix of house, pop, trip-hop and rap brings the concept of darkness to life in a way that integrates a distorted situation into a creative distortion of its own. I think that this production has a lot to say, a lot to relate to. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this artist as time goes on! I think that there's a lot that we can all learn from his honest and unique creativity!

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