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My Darlin'

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham musicians are amongst some of the most underestimated within the UK. Here to put the city on the map is vocalist, guitarist and pianist, C J Jarratt.

Following on from his debut single 'Live Or Die', his latest release entitled 'My Darlin' is a touching song which addresses the personal experience of losing a family member. The song addresses the loved one who passed away a year ago. The song was initially a private one, only to be used during the funeral of his loved one, but upon reflection, Jarratt made the decision to honour the memory and release it to the world.

An emotional performance from Jarratt from the first note through to the end. The use of stripped back instrumentation of vocals, piano and strings ensures that listeners remain connected to the raw emotion of this piece to grasp every lyric. This song is one that many of us will relate to and hold dear in our hearts throughout our moments of healing.

For a song that will grasp your soul and aid its healing, look no further than My Darlin' by CJ Jarrett. - TAMARA JENNA

I'm looking forward to hearing more from this fellow Brummie!

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