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Clay Joule’s latest release, ‘O’Dream,’ toes the line between metal and blues. It switches back and forth between the two, with smooth bopping sections in the verse that you could sway a lighter at, to a solo that could light that atmosphere on fire in the latter half. What the single doesn't switch on is its message. ‘O’Dream’ is a song for Ukraine, and you can tell it comes from the heart and that it really means something to Clay Joule. It comes through in the chords, the uplifting chorus and the pure skill that you can hear in the guitar. It's powerful, as it should be — and it is personal, as it should be.

When a song focuses on a message like ‘O’Dream’ does, it is easy to get lost in that message. The sound falls to the wayside. But Clay Joule knows that the message will hit harder if there is a sound there to back it. And my oh my is there a sound to back it. A fantastic song for a fantastic cause. Empowering from start to finish.



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