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Dublin, Ireland

Dublin-based multi-talented Clinton N is back with his latest release ‘circles’. Following on from the success of his previous releases which delve deep into pop, electronica, chill, downtempo and lofi, Clinton N has fused the genres of experimental pop to grasp the attention of listeners once again. Taking heavy influence from the likes of Porter Robinson, Said the Sky, those of you who are familiar would do well checking out the likes of Clinton N.

Having taken on the solo mission of producing this track, Clinton N is keen to share his musical exploration with a global audience.

‘circles’ has an opening that is based on synth-pop and futurism. The way that the production elements grow into being is super extraordinary. Gaining velocity quickly, the piece brings cinematic vocal chops and synths to a whole new level.

As Clinton N begins to sing his vocal contributions, the song becomes a mix of cinematic pop that is destined to find itself played in ‘circles’ on repeat.

There are songs that just hit you, sometimes you can’t put into words why it is the case. ‘circles’ for me, is one of those songs. The energy and skill behind the production is top tier standard, it hit my soul. - TAMARA JENNA

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