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Cambridge, United Kingdom

Credit - Helen Jagger
Retro, dark, synth-pop is how I would describe the latest track from Cloudshapes, ‘Newborn’. The song is filled with insane melodies topped by vocals that are dynamic and quick and backed with percussion that hits hard and deep and keeps you breathing. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The single as a whole is new and fascinating. It blends the dark synth vibes with pop melodies and temperament. Meaning that it gets dark and grimy while keeping the demo fast and the melodies don’t stick and drone on forever. The vocals in this sub-genre are always hard to nail but Cloudshapes has my favourite vocals in the pack. They’re clear and melodic and drop into spoken word/rap throughout the song which really suits the tone and breaks up the sound.

‘Newborn’ starts with an acoustic guitar. It plucks alone and some blissful harmonies flow over it like stream water over pebbles. Stop, hold the calm. The beat drops and the dark synth strolls in with big boots and it's a rocking good time. The guitar stays in the back. Electric riffs open up the highs. The chorus pounds out a beat and the vocals soar with harmonies and flow back into the verse. Spoken word quieter sections are dotted throughout and the breakdown back into the chorus gives me chills in the best of ways. Cloudshapes are here and they mean business. If ‘Newborn’ is anything to go by then, wow. It’s gonna be huge.


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