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CONNOR KIRK - Strangers On A Train


Strangers On A Train

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Smooth wave is making a turn for the pop scene and it’s coming in full force. Heading this charge of colourful and bright new-wave tunes is Connor Kirk. His single ‘Strangers on a Train’ feels modern, vibrant, it sticks your clothes to your skin like humid air and gets you dancing in the neon light. The beat is infectious, the bass supreme. The vocals lark above the sounds, cooing you closer, wrapping you in melody. The mix of analogue, acoustic and electric sounds really sets Connor Kirk apart from the crowd. The highs and lows have such a distance between them and the song twists and turns in ways you would never expect. A fascinating sound to get lost in.

Connor Kirk is breaking fresh ground. Taking what you love from artists like Arctic Monkeys and switching it up, making it luminous. It's a sound wholly his own, and one that I’m going to need hours more of. ‘Strangers on a Train’ is a funk track from the year 3000.



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