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CRAIG GOULD - Out of the Woods


Out of the Woods

Burton on Trent, United Kingdom

Credit - Phil Drury @2324Photography

Craig Gould is back at it, pumping out amazing country tunes powered by folk textures and classic Americana stylings. His latest single, ‘Out of the Woods,’ holds in its core a powerful and positive message, surrounded by a sound so uplifting it could pull you out of anything. The guitar and drums work with the bass to hold the rhythm and start the sway. Craig Gould's unfathomable vocals cascade into them, wrapping them with glistening ribbons of empathy. The melody spills out, soothing all that it touches and turning the very ground golden. Violins and strings play in the back, adding layer upon layer of sunshine to an already glorious day.

Craig Gould is a powerhouse of positivity. Opening up your soul and letting his sound into your life will do nothing but good. ‘Out of the Woods’ is infectiously positive. Once the beak kicks in and the chorus begins to hum, you can’t help but smile. Invigorating.


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