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CRAIG KIERCE - Though The Road Between Us Is Long - ALBUM REVIEW


Though The Road Between Us Is Long

Austin, United States

Credit - Kenneth Bachor

Everybody stop what you're doing and check out this artist! Craig Kierce is an American singer-songwriter who has relocated from Brooklyn to Austin Texas. Taking influence from a variety of genres is what this artist does best - taking essence from Indie Rock/New Wave and Blues. His musical style has a likeness to artists such as Elvis Costello, Rolo Kiley and The Cribs.

His latest album “Though the Road Between Us is Long” is a twelve-track canvas that was recorded at New York City’s Ice and released in April of this year. Craig Kierce is now back to promote his vinyl release of this post-punk indie rock production.

Track 1 'Parthenon' begins the album by introducing listeners to some solid guitar playing from both the lead electric and the bass! This is a song that is absolutely packed to the edges with energy and talent! The drums offer a consistent rhythm and power throughout and the vocals, are very Damon Albarn (Blurr, Gorillaz). 'Parthenon' is a spectacular opener!

'Long Time Coming' continues the theme of dominant basslines and a really smooth vocal. I love the way that the lead guitar begins to creep in slowly along with an increase in velocity. This is a really great way to build up momentum in between verses. Now, sometimes during the breakdown guitar solos can go on a little too long or not sit quite right in the mix but this! This is a genius production!

'Bird in the Hand' brings calmer energy to the project through a slower more relaxed opening arrangement. This is a dreamy beach vibe of a piece! Again, the vocals are stunning in tone - especially in this piece where they are at the forefront of the production. Of course, it wouldn't be a Craig Kierce track unless it had the high-energy clashes of post-punk within the song and this has no exception. Check out the guitar solos and tell me that you're not at least imagining playing the air guitar.

'Stationary' in one word? Gorgeous. This slowed down almost ballad-style arrangement brings an acoustic feel to the album - something that hasn't been heard thus far from Craig Kierce on this project. Listeners are able to grasp the true storytelling abilities of this artist throughout this track. 'Stationary' is a real old soul lover's dream. Get this one on repeat!

'Wrong Kind of Spell' has me under some kind of spell for sure! Those guitar strums are ace! There's another side to Craig Kierce that is shown within the mixing of genre inspirations here. I think that this song is a real hit! It's super old school but also something that is fresh and new. Guitar solos = electrifying. Vocals = soulful rock.

'Emily' marks a song that is full of love throughout the whole track. The song provides listeners with an acoustic keys and slow ballad style confessional lyrics. The way that the piece lifts into a slow rock ballad is stunningly flawless. The song is just as heartwarming as it is catchy. The whole track is one that will warm hearts worldwide!

'Mangattan' transitions from 'Emiliy' at 200mph out of the ballad acoustics and straight into the blues meets heavy rock post punk production. I absolutely love how Craig Kierce has the ability to transition so seamlessly between energies without a single unsettling moment in between! I love the blues vocal twangs and the depth of the roaring vocals!

'Broken Record' has an earthy folk opening through the use of acoustic guitar plucks that don't last long at all! The drum rolls and guitar strums bring an offbeat and fun backing for the freedom that is expressed through the vocal performance. Another extremely brilliant track that is full of guitar solos - including an electric guitar solo sample of Pachelbel's Canon and a cool punk interpretation of Disney Land Paris' 'It's a Small Word'. Could this artist provide anymore talent through this project? Well, we have another third of the album to go through so let's see shall we!

'Only Time' begins with a dreamy guitar opening with a shoegaze. There really isn't a style of rock that Craig Fierce hasn't touched upon throughout this album. This song merges shoegaze with the feel of synthrock without there being any synthrock present. One band comes to mind in relation to this music - Coldplay. Hearing this song performed live is destined to be a treat for those who get to experience it!

'Parts Unknown' is a funky number - very blues and very rock and roll. The vocal have a likeness to a mix between Phil Collins and The Red Hot Chili Pepers. Again, the guitar riffs are super awesome! This is the song that you won't be able to listen to just once.

'It Was a Cold Day' brings us into Track 11 - the penultimate piece. Craig Kierce doesn't slow things down and maintains his high energy and showcases his skilful artistry without apology. This is a track that you will return to so make sure that you give it a spin and add it to your playlists!

That brings us to the final track of the album :( 'Carolina' is the name of this concluding piece. The song is three minutes and fifteen seconds of stripped down acoustics - From the acoustic guitar plucks to the raw vocals, this song speaks of love - wishes and promises. The song is a goodbye to a relationship - one that isn't bitter, rather a fareware parting and a final kiss goodbye. You will find yourself completely consumed within this piece. A very Paolo Nutini tone shines throughout this piece. An emotional ending to a multitalented collection. What a track!

I can't wait to hear what Craig Kierce brings to us next! The quality of this project almost seems unbeatable! I for one will definitely purchase his vinyl release! - TAMARA JENNA


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