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CRIS CAP - Feel The Love Ft Tyla Raé (Redux Version) - REMIX EP


Feel The Love Ft Tyla Raé (Redux Version)

Duesseldorf, Germany

Credit - Evi Schaffer / Xheni Cuni

German-based composer, producer and pianist Cris Cap specialises in RnB, Jazz fused Pop and Soul. Taking influence from a collective of artists from Al Green to Chaka Khan, Cap has managed to infuse these sounds into a range of beach and club-ready songs that have taken over the shores of Europe.

Taking a step into developing his sound further, Cap started releasing his own music in 2020, building on top of the foundations that he had already built in order to bring his artistic journey to a range of new listeners.

The latest EP release from Cap contains two versions of two songs. Taking already-released singles and bringing alternate versions of that song is something that always interests me – this has been done double here!

Feel The Love (Redux Version)

Claps, soulful basslines, and the subtle layers of vocals from Tyla Rae are reminiscent of the early work of R&B/Pop artist Mabel in her Ivy to Roses Mixtape. The Redux version is a blessing in its own right. Offering listeners the soulfulness of Fender Rhodes along with the velvet vocals of Tayla Rae makes this a version that you just should not sleep on! The persistent claps merge the percussiveness of R&B with a classic EDM/House rhythm.

Feel The Love (Original)

When comparing the original arrangement of ‘Feel The Love’ with the Redux version, there are several key differences. The original feels bigger, there’s more space filled with instrumentation, multiple basslines and an all together overall funky dominance to the overall production. Within this original version, the vocal focus is upon both vocalists equally and synchronously however, the Redux version offers a stronger focus on Tyler Rae.

Like A Rose (Acoustic)

An acoustic addition adds undeniable value to any project! Stripping things back down to basics never feels like nothing. ‘Like A Rose’ is a classic example of when less becomes more. The soft percussion shakers, clicks, and Rhodes piano, the slapback effects to the jazz VSTs will lift the soul out of any listener.

The vocals of Tyla Rae are spot on, showcasing the harmonious intricacies and melodic patterns that this artist holds so dominantly within her craft. The lyrics by Cris Cap add masculine energy to the production and the overall instrumentation.

Like A Rose (Original)

The main elements remain the same throughout the acoustic version and the original, however, there feels as though there is a shift in tempo here, I’m not sure whether that is because of the number of extra layers or if there is a contrast. Overall, I connected most to the alternate versions of both ‘Feel The ‘ and ‘Like A Rose ‘ for their extra layer of silkiness and soul.

Through the variety of offerings from Cris Cap and Tyla Rae, it is clear that both artists have their skill sets set in stone and are ready for the world to know about. I think that there could have been more variation offered through the alternate versions to make them stand out more than they do however, I’m looking forward to hearing where the production and vocal skills of Cris Cap lead to in time and I will also be keeping an eye on Tyla Rae, she is definitely a vocalist that will click with many listeners!

If you’re looking for a collection of songs that offer a variety of interpretations and executions then I recommend that you listen to this project!


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