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"Corner Eye" by DaeMarcus: A Grunge Renaissance

DaeMarcus Revives Grunge with a Modern Twist in 'Corner Eye': A Sonic Journey of Rhythmic Mastery

 "Album cover of 'Corner Eye"
"Album cover of 'Corner Eye"

‘Corner Eye’ is the latest album from DaeMarcus — an album packed to the brim with flavour and soul. Taking on the weight of 90s grunge stylings and dipping into modern indie for crunch, poise and design, what DaeMarcus have left us with is an ingenious rendering of grunge in the modern day. There’s the solemn tone in the vocals, the fall off on the bridge. Verses are simple and sweet, they carry the melody to where it needs to be, the chorus. When we get there they vary; gone is the simple solution of, hitting a chorus and making it loud. ‘Corner Eye’ moves away from that to try something new. Each song is unique, bold, and constructed with care and spontaneity (if you’re wondering how something can be carefully built with the freedom of improvisational flare, then listen to the album and let DaeMarcus show you).

Begin, slow, deep. ‘Immunity’ banks us into the modern grunge swerve with an acoustic guitar, some flare from the right hand, and a percussion section that goes as wide as it dares. The vocals evoke BUSH, they play with the grit but don’t get lost in it, there’s still a person behind the style, still a human spirit fighting to be heard. Once the song is going the core of all grunge shows its grin — glowing, flashing, frothing. Rhythm. Grunge is seen to be a thick subgenre of rock, and it is — it’s murky and greasy and it’s supposed to be. Good grunge-influenced bands are, however, masters of rhythm. DaeMarcus certainly know how to sew a flow. ‘In to View’ comes in with a saunter, it’s faster but only if you feel it. It’s brighter, it looks up to the clouds to spot the rain. ‘Right Here’ pushes into the modern world with some of the grunge tendencies toned down to 10 from 11. There are pads and colours and textures that are wholly new to the sound, and they work so well to evoke those critical emotions that pull at the souls of listeners. It’s gripping — the only way to describe it.

Promotional photograph of DaeMarcus
Promotional photograph of DaeMarcus

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‘Wash’ is classic, punchy and strong. The vocals, front, and the instrumental behind. Here is where the bass is strongest for me. Not only is it keeping that rhythm tight, it’s adding texture and sonic interest and waves of emotion. It’s so good. ‘Light My Way’ might be my favourite song on the album. For me, it adds everything that ‘Corner Eye’ does so well together, to make one grand track. It’s open to the new, tight with the old and focuses on the rhythm, perfect. We close with ‘Here with You’ and it has been a trip, for me particularly. Regular readers know I am a grunge nut, and DaeMarcus, whether they like it or not, have become one of my new favourite bands. They lean into their sound with such confidence, they craft songs with style and heart, they write lyrics that float by on the skin of the tune; if you peer they’re pretty, if you dig they’re deep. The instrumental is creative, hearty, full of new and old ideas in an original form. It’s what I look for in an album, it’s the kind of album that creates new fans. ‘Corner Eye’ is a standout release from a band too small for their own good. Get it on your playlists!

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