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Dan Szyller's 'Interstellar (Voyager 1)': An Unrestrained Journey into the Unknown

The creativity found within instrumental music in the indie space is mind-boggling. Without the restrictions of other artists, indie masterminds like Dan Szyller can really open their wings and soar — creating sounds that cross oceans and galaxies, and stories that envelop entire populations. The latest single from Dan Szyller is ‘Interstellar (Voyager 1)’ and it is a journey to be sure. The track takes us through the breach and into the great unknown. Glitter surrounds us, but it’s not glitter, it’s starlight, catching on our spacesuit after travelling for millions of light years. A voice calls from the ether, human, strong. It sends us on our way, it sends us into the oblivious heaven of space.

‘Interstellar (Voyager 1)’ is a tonal exploration of the far reaches of our known universe. If you give yourself to the song you feel distant, like you have been whisked away without a moment's notice. The earth's sky feels far away as you look back at it from Jupiter — the same goes for the Milky Way as you gaze down upon its spirals from Andromeda. Dan Szyller has created an infinite sound space with this single, and there are more amazing sounds to follow. With a truly open mind, creative outset, and a gargantuan finish, this single showcases the drive of Dan Szyller to a T. I for one cannot wait for more space-bound adventures.



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