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Dan Szyller's 'Summer Kiss': A Majestic Blend of Modern Rock and Timeless Blues

Dan Szyller’s single, ‘Summer Kiss,’ blends the worlds of modern rock and classic blues together to create a track that is bold in its flavour and strong at its core. The subtle flowing of the bass tones in the back keeps the song moving as it jumps from beat to beat. The “Up” shoots colour into the scene while the “Down” draws back the contrast to keep things real. The highs are taken by guitars that shoot and stab amongst rhythmic drums that bring some blues textures to the sound. Once the show is on the road, the vocals pick up the melody and get to work. They slam out big lines in the verse, only to one-up their majesty in the chorus. It’s big, bold, and houses a deep set hook that will keep you tethered to the world of ‘Summer Kiss.’

Good blues blended with any genre is a fantastic time. Here, Dan Szyller has perfected that blend with his brand of blues. It’s indie rock with some fruit in the bass and a whole lot of heart, it’s music that moves you while you’re moving. A tremendous display of talent, fire, and wholesome songwriting. A must-listen for any modern rock fans.



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