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Dance & Pop 17/06/2022



Hayden Haddock - Tequila

College Station, TX

This track had to take the top spot this week as it just brought the biggest smile to my face upon listening to it. This track is an elevated country hit with clever storytelling and creative production. Hayden Haddock is a rising Red Dirt singer-songwriter and alongside Jon Wolfe, a fellow country singer-songwriter has made a golden track that encapsulates summer. The cheeky lyrics describe a fantastic night out, and the aftermath, all being blamed on guess what? Tequila. The brass instrumentation elevates the summer feel and brought brightness and life to the track. The warm vocals of both Haddock and Wolf complement one another and bring humour, lightness, and fun. I have this track saved in my summer playlist and you should too.



Frances Baker - Soulful Baby

Boston, United States

This bright and laidback track is by Boston-based artist Frances Baker. The gently flowing chords with dreamy vocals create a sound world you can’t help but want to fall into. The delicate vocal paired with light backings helps provide the luscious soundscape of this track. With elements similar to Tom Misch, the jazzy guitar and light kit provide the perfect support to Frances’s voice. The lyrical content is equally as impressive as the rest of the track and describes the thoughts and questions of a relationship. The track as a whole is mixed wonderfully. You can hear the detail in every part leading to a beautifully balanced song. Hit the button above to hear this amazingly chill track.



Conner Eko, StoneBridge - Sink

Vallejo, California, United States

Conner Eko is an indie-pop singer-songwriter based in California. Alongside Grammy-nominated StoneBridge, together they have released the feel-good summer anthem ‘Sink’. The punchy drum-machine kit is matched with syncopated chords to provide a subtle Euro-pop undertone to the track. The strong main vocal is accompanied by a dreamy backing which helps take you away to a sunny beach with a cocktail in hand. Lyrically the track has little hints to Conner Ekos PhD in astrophysics which I really enjoyed as it made the lyrics feel personal from the songwriter. As well as this, he describes the feelings of love and how they can overwhelm you. This track has loads of potential to be a summer classic and I’m excited to see how it does!



SYNEYE - Red Win

Berlin, Germany

Red Wine is a gorgeous track that puts the listener in mind of artists such as Lorde and Lana Del Ray. SYNEYE is a Swiss-Berlin based singer and producer and her latest release ‘Red Wine’ creates a moody and dark atmosphere that you can’t help but want to explore. She does an amazing job of providing passionate lyrics such as ‘I can’t break anymore’ and when they are delivered by her powerful voice, is a stunning combination. The growing reverb effect on said vocals really builds character and drama through the track. The whole experience leaves you in suspense with layered vocals and sustained chords fading to vinyl crackles similarly heard in the beginning. Stream the track above to hear this incredible release.



Matthew Joseph - My mistakes

Holyhead, United Kingdom

Matthew Joseph's new track ‘My Mistakes’ is the perfect example of pure pop music. Much of it is influenced by the 1980s and includes heavy synth lines and a driving electronic drum kit. As well as this, the track combines modern vocal production to create a catchy tune. The track starts with repeating breath samples which help set the dramatic tone and are used throughout as an extra percussion element. The lyrics describe the theme of wanting forgiveness. The bridge cleverly contrasts with ideas in the chorus which adds a new depth. For someone whose dream is to be the biggest pop star in the world, this track is helping the journey there.



Therése Neaimé - Fools Gold 

Stockholm, Sweden

Therése Neaimé is a Swedish- Lebanese artist who beautifully mixes elements of Scandipop and Arabic pop. From the sassy lyrics to the funky bass line this track is effortlessly cool. The production compliments the smooth vocal line with stab synth chords and samba-like drums. The chorus bursts with energy with light backing vocals and flowing chords. The lyrical content of this song describes heartbreak, internal conflict, and breaking up. The intention of an honest relationship being compared to ‘fool’s gold’ is explored well and is so very relatable. This song is the perfect choice for a long drive with the windows down and singing along.



Klary - My Love

London, United Kingdom

‘My Love’ is the latest release from London-based artist Klary. This track needs to go straight into your ‘getting ready’ playlist. The energetic pop production and catchy vocal line make this song instantly enjoyable and easy to keep on repeat. There are some subtle production techniques within this track that make it fascinating to listen to. Such as the small vocal sample chopped and panned in the chorus adding an extra layer of depth to the texture, which works really well. I see this track being a great addition to DJ sets as its rises in energy and feel would bring anyone to the dancefloor.



Graham Turner ft Elle Cato - Out of The Darkness

London, United Kingdom

‘Out of the Darkness’ is pure sunshine. Graham Turner, an award-winning producer, and songwriter teams up with fellow singer-songwriter Elle Cato to release this fun and lively track. A powerful, intricate, and smooth vocal is balanced well with a fun and energetic pop backing. The vocal adlibs really add to the captivating track. This radio-worthy song explores the idea of meeting someone who ‘brings you out of the darkness. The track builds excitement by sculpting textures and adding effective production effects. To hear this powerful track hit the link above and make sure to add it to your feel-good playlist!



Juracán - My Mind

Dominican Republic, Portland, OR

‘My mind’ by Juracán, which is released today, describes all the themes and inner thoughts when getting over someone. Juracán is the creative idea of the Dominican Republic-born Pierre Carbuccia. The song starts with a moody guitar riff which sets the scene effectively. The track builds up nicely with drums and chords to reach a full chorus, in which the key lyrical idea is explored. The edited vocals add excitement and interest before the sudden drop towards the end of the track. Not only does a more open texture provide great contrast, but it also allows the vocal to be exposed and vulnerable.



Moon and Aries - TAKE ME HOME

Cologne, Germany

This track takes you to another world, from the delicate string and synth lines to the warm vocals and flowing reverb, the journey flows and grows as it progresses. Moon and Aries are an international duo consisting of German composer and producer Tom Aries and Canadian singer and writer Jordana Moon. Their goal is to elevate the listener's mood and I feel that they have succeeded with this track. Their self-proclaimed genre ‘synth-pop opera’ is exactly what this track encapsulates. The dreamy sound world and warm drums help build energy alongside the flowing vocals within the track. If you’re looking to relax, close your eyes, and be taken away with, then this is for you.


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