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DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 07/10/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

Updated: Oct 15, 2022



London, United Kingdom

Credit - Lykke Stjernswärd

We kick this week off with a soulfully explosive pop release from London artist Benedicta Syran and their track ‘Let me be’. This amazing track about overcoming the obstacles of life kicks off with a soft introduction, inducing an almost dream-like state, flowing through with a simple but effective piano progression, which sets the scene perfectly. The introduction of some beautiful vocals, with some gorgeous ranges and runs, coupled with an excellently crafted soul-style backing track leaves the listener in a comforting state. The addition of the wonderful choir sounds laced throughout brings a lot of character to the piece making this such a feel-good easy listen.



ALLIE JASON - Best Thing That I Ever Did

Cape Cod, United States

Next up is US artist Allie Jason and their melodic single ‘Best Thing I Ever Did’. This mellow track has a beautiful vibe about it with the mesmerising smooth vocals harnessing warm tones and intriguing flow. From the start of this track, the listener is introduced to an amazing rhythmic entrance. This continues on with very subtle beats complementing their voice so perfectly, while a simple, yet effective, piano piece intertwines both elements. This was a roller coaster of an experience filled with lots of unique twists and turns, but most of all it was a very enjoyable and calming piece.



JNR. - A Friend

Sydney, Australia

Third, on this week's chart is JNR. and their track, ‘A friend’. This Sydney artist brings immaculate vibes within the first 10 seconds of the track. From the slow introduction of vocals through the repeating robotic effects building into the first lyrics, from a smooth, deep, sensual voice. This is paired with some charming rhythmic beats, and a gorgeous flowing melody, framing the introduction to a wonderful sound experience.

This is when the beat drops and the sounds grow for the catchy chorus, providing a lyrical warning for us all. The mould of sounds makes for a highly professional track, which without the explicit lyrics is radio ready and worth it! Can’t wait to see how this track does.



STARAV - Waiting So Long


Credit - @jole.nino based on a drawing by Kentaro Miura

Next up we have a track that stirs up an eerie feel within me as a listener, so much so I was intrigued and needed to keep listening to figure out why! ‘Waiting So Long’ by Australian artist StarAV, is a track that is able to affect its listeners, and control their feelings for the brief moments it is them and the track. The use of layered low and high voices to tell a deep meaningful story is such a creative way to keep the listener interested. The use of heavy but simple drums, subtle synthesisers, and pianos with clear guitar segments create the recipe for an intelligently produced track.



R O B B E E - All I Ever Do

London, United Kingdom

Credit - David Titlow

Now one for those looking for something upbeat to get moving too. The fast-hitting ‘All I Ever Do’ by London artist R O B B E E has earned its ace on this list through its sheer vibe alone! From the beginning, we are thrown into a whirlwind of dance, without the anticipation of a drop giving this such a good feeling vibe within the first five seconds. The clean beats in this track never have a section where they miss, the sound effects just add another beautiful element, keeping the listener involved in the story. If this isn’t playing in every club in the very near future the world has zero taste and I stand by that statement.



SOPHIE LOUISE - All Summer Long

Nashville, United States

Credit - Stephanie Hsiau. instagram/tik tok: @StephanieHsiau

The next entry into this week's top ten is Nashville artist Sophie Louise and her track ‘All Summer Long’. This is a gorgeous track, with angelic vocals on a bed of gorgeous soundscapes, this track is certainly lyrics one to have blasting through the house while you get your weekly clean done! All the best songs are played then, right? With simple instruments strung together in such perfection, it creates a melodic sound. Although this has the typical Nashville artist feel, I have to admit there is a modern twist I love here that I’ve not been able to pinpoint the cause of. Combined with the deep and meaningful lyrics, this piece evokes personal emotions all around that everyone can relate to at all times.



SHWA - Learn To Hurt

Blaina, United Kingdom

Credit - Tylar Harrison-Jones

We’ve now moved into an empowering number on this week's chart, with Shwa and their song ‘Learn To Hurt’. The United Kingdom artist has created a track that comes with an aim above just being an amazing sound, to inspire every single listener to know their worth after a breakup. This single comes full of power as Shwa’s perfectly polished and varied vocals carry pure strength throughout, which when combined with such lyrics, WOW! Match that with the greatness of the production and you have the recipe for such a captivating piece. Shwa has done so much with some simplified instruments, such as a two-string guitar pluck, over an extremely powerful backdrop, creating such an intense feeling in the listener, bringing them back for more every time!




Miami, FL, United States

Next, we have the amazing styling of Sasha Bonn and their magical track Omega. This Miami future star has brought us something to be considered the best of two worlds. Amazing catchy pop, with a house feel. This track utilises a super funky beat, with synthesisers which evidence a clear 80’s influence. As the track progresses and claps are introduced the depth of this artist's power over the listener becomes known as the intensity grows and we are compelled to move, doesn’t matter how, but we need to move. What a truly brilliant release I can’t wait to see what is next for Sasha Bonn! P.S, make sure that you never miss a beat by heading over to



ALAN DREEZER - Butterfly

Mijas Costa, Spain

Credit - Javier Muniz

Next up we have another one that has an 80’s vibe to it with Butterfly the first release from the upcoming third album by Alan Dreezer. This artist from Spain introduces us slowly and steadily to the track where their vocals then start and carry through the headphones so well. Such a soothing sensual voice draws the listener in, almost as if it's his goal to give the listener Butterflies. A catchy chorus rings throughout, ensuring the listener can sing along early on while prominent hi-hats and varied beats keep you on your toes. All this is possible while simultaneously carrying a level of familiarity with it. Well done to Alan, what an amazing first release, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the album has to offer




Austin, United States

And finally, for this week we have Britny Lobas with their release ‘Hollow’. This Austin artist has put together something special, a track with soul! Kicking off with a deep drum beat, we are already captivated and ready to hear more. A crisp bass then enters the chat, and things being to become clear. Then come the powerful, yet soft vocals and it is clear this chilled-out piece has been cultivated to discuss a very important topic, the struggles of the artist. We are sent on a journey with them, feeling every emotion and vicariously experiencing the situations, leaving the listener feeling closer to the artist. The Well thought out piece is certainly an important addition to the music world and if this is anything to go by this artist is set to explode.


DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 07/10/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!



NUMBER 2 - ALLIE JASON - Best Thing That I Ever Did

NUMBER 3 - JNR. - A Friend

NUMBER 4 - STARAV - Waiting So Long

NUMBER 5 - R O B B E E - All I Ever Do

NUMBER 6 - SOPHIE LOUISE - All Summer Long

NUMBER 7 - SHWA - Learn To Hurt



NUMBER 10 - ALAN DREEZER - Butterfly




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