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DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 16/09/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

Updated: Sep 24, 2022


ACARI - Distant

San Jose, CA, United States

Credit - Mango Fields Productions (IG:

#Acari is a Philippine-born and San Jose-raised singer-songwriter who has released her second single #Distant as a follow-up to her first release #NoRules. Offering a darker tone sees #Distant edge toward dark pop and R&B through lyrical themes of reminiscence, addiction, and distant behaviour in love. Released on August 27, 2022, #Distant has been out for just under a month but remains just as effective every time you listen to it if not more so! This track blurs the genres of pop and R&B to create a spell on any listener! I love this song so, so much!



ITALEE - Babylon Money

Kingston, Jamaica

Credit - Randy

#Italee brings a fresh sound to our Dance & Pop this week with her new track #BabylonMoney. In a mix of Reggae and pop we hear a track that showcases the spiritual journey of #Italee in a way that is true to her roots and her unique artistic sound. One thing that captured my attention in this track is the way that the lead guitar electrifies over a reggae production! Although this track was released back in 2017 it is now truly on a mission to cross borders! This track really is genius in the way that it blends a multitude of sounds. This is a track that you have to hear so click that button below and get listening! and if you like what you hear, don't forget to vote in our poll below! I will certainly be watching #Italee on her artistic journey and I cannot wait to hear what's to come from this artist in the future!



QUENTIN - Party, The Dance Remix

Brighton, United Kingdom

#Quentin has definitely brought funky house to this week's Top 10. In this track, listeners get to vibe to soulful vocals similar to Ceelo Green whilst dancing to a very Jamiroquai jazz-infused funk house beat! Hands down one of my favorites this week! Have a listen and see what you think! Is #Quentin your favorite this week?? When discussing the influence behind the piece #Quentin stated that they wanted to create a fun, uplifting track aimed at all ages, genders, races & sexualities something that truly radiates throughout the piece! The message to take away? Be your authentic self!



HARRY KLEIN - Cut & Dirty

Sydney, Australia

Coming in at Number 4 is #HARRYKLEIN with his single release "Cut & Dirty". This Sydney-based Star talks about the narrative of a fictional conversation between a drug dealer and buyer at a rave to highlight rave culture. Questioning why this subculture exists, the artist wanted to create an introspective dance piece that would also hold an important message. In this experimental piece, listeners are instantly pulled into a world of philosophy through its lecture hall-style speech. As the track develops into full lyrical swing listeners find themselves in a mix of 80s electropop/dance and new wave. This is such an interesting piece that is definitely worth a listen to!



PARIZ - New Piece

Fort Worth, United States

PARIZ is back with his new piece... literally. Having reviewed his track Demons (ft. Milano The Don) back in April I was eager to hear his latest release! #NewPiece does not disappoint! From the cinematic opening to the extremely autotuned vocals, this piece is EXACTLY what EDM is about! The production of the hook is undoubtedly one of the strongest I've heard for a long time! This is a track that should be on every party DJs' setlist! PARIZ has proven that he is definitely an artist to watch! So, get hitting that link below and let us know if he's your number 1 in the poll below.



5ON5 - Let You Go

Berlin, Germany

#5ON5 released their single entitled #LetYouGo on the 19th of August. This track marks their fourth release that we have reviewed over at TJPL NEWS. For those of you who aren't yet familiar with the group, #5ON5 is a Berlin-based group that holds its hand in many genres of pop! #LetYouGo is a song that showcases the growth of the group perfectly. From the dominant bassline to the autotuned vocals and 80s-inspired synths this is a song that will get you truly listening to its vocal and instrumental intricacies. This is a great piece with a lot of potentials! I for one can't wait to hear what #5ON5 brings next! Have a listen using the link below and if #5ON5 proves to be your favourite this week let us know in our poll!



JANNE PORRASKORPI - Welcome To Managrift City

Espoo, Finland

Finland-born Janne Porraskorpi has used his experience of living in London, UK during his childhood as an integral part of developing his artistic sound. Taking influence from the sound of Catharsis Bandwagon is something that the artist notes. His ethos is "Be the change you wish to see in the world." and his vision is to create long-lasting music and to promote human rights. The latest release from this artist is called #WelcometoManagriftCity and what a track it is! This song instantly had me thinking of The Chemical Brothers and the Crazy Frog Anthem! This electronic twee-infused track is a must hear! All sorts of 90s and 00s throwbacks come to light through this artistic genius!



CIRCLEKSK - Don't Leave Me

Tokyo, Japan

#CircleKSK is a one-person music production project who collaborates with vocalists, guitarists, and drummers from all over the world from USA, India, Greece and Canada to create their unique projects. There isn't anything quite like #CircleKSK. For their latest release #CircleKSK has teamed up with a vocalist who resides in Ukraine in tribute to the lives of those who are affected by the current war. This ballad is not only skilful and angelic but also lyrically moving. Wow is all I can really say here. This is one of those songs that you have to hear to even begin to understand!



NEEDY BEAST - "It Wonders Me"

Los Angeles, United States

LA-based band #NeedyBeast is a group of friends who have teamed up to make music in the name of electro-pop. Their latest release "It Wonders Me" intrigues its audience with its heavy bass opening. The track develops into a techno edgy piece with electro-pop as its backbone. The vocals border on synth rock to create a truly unique listening experience. The hook is super catchy through its simplistic yet existential questions. This is a cool track that you definitely need to hear if you're looking for something that bends genres and moods! "It Wonders Me" is a refreshing take on modern pop!



NINNI - Just The Touch Of My Hands

Naples, Italy

Credit - Marco Carotenuto photographer

Once an instrumentalist and now songwriter, Napels-based artist #Ninni has been working hard to develop the sound that he showcases today. His release #JusttheTouchofMyHands was released back in June yet still rings fresh to new ears! In this track #Ninni infuses melodic acoustics into a fresh pop sound. This is a happy-go-lucky track that will get you moving for sure. This is a piece that is packed with sway-worthy backing vocals and holds the title of the track as a dominant lyrical feature. Just it a spin and let us know what you think!



NUMBER 1 - ACARI – Distant

NUMBER 2 - 5ON5 - Let You Go

NUMBER 3 - PARIZ - New Piece

NUMBER 4 - HARRY KLEIN - Cut & Dirty

NUMBER 5 - JANNE PORRASKORPI - Welcome To Managrift City

NUMBER 6 - QUENTIN - Party, The Dance Remix

NUMBER 7 - CIRCLEKSK - Don't Leave Me

NUMBER 8 - NINNI - Just The Touch Of My Hands

NUMBER 9 - ITALEE - Babylon Money

NUMBER 10 - NEEDY BEAST - "It Wonders Me"



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