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DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 30/09/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

Updated: Oct 8, 2022


LACAÑGAN - Take It To The Floor

Texas, United States

Credit - Miguel Pizzaro

This week we begin as we mean to go on, with pure groove and funk in the form of Lacañgan’s ‘Take It To The Floor’. This Texas artist has blessed the world with an amazing sound reminiscent and easily in rival of Bruno Mars and the soulful vibe he brings to his music. This track comes with a dreamy glow to be appreciated through every vocal layer of the song. This is an eclectic piece with a range of electronic elements, layered and choir-style vocals along with a salt bae sprinkle of catchy ad-libs. What more could you want from a good vibes track?




Thunder Bay, Canada

Credit - Chad Kirvan

Starting with some echoing vocals setting the scene for things to come, moving straight into a beautifully bouncing beat “Daisy” by Canadian Lockyer Boys is a whole entire vibe. Do you remember the last song that had you instinctively moving? Well, this is the next one as it slides into an undeniable groove, this upbeat track can brighten any day, while still carrying a very relatable message. Modern-day pop seems to be void of something at the moment, something this track has, it gives the feeling of warmth with a super catchy chorus and perfectly aligned composition. Daisy is an amazing addition to the playlist and can’t wait to hear more from the Lockyer Boys.




Los Angeles, United States

Credit - JR Foto LA

Next up we have the soulful vocals of Los Angeles star Jameson Tabor and their amazing track ‘Touch’. I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneaky early listen and have to say this is certainly one that is set to blow up! With the funky backing track, full of character and style with danceable beats and melodies, coupled with gorgeous vocals and meaningful lyrics, this is an anthem for any and all dancefloors to be singing with your friends. This dance-pop track is on another level, so clean, so fresh, and so on time, we can feel the talent flowing out of every chime. I’m so excited about this one fi ally being released, I truly think you’ll love it!



COLD FAME - If That's Love

Victoria, Canada

Credit - Rebecca Carroll

Next up we have Cold Fame’s “If that’s love”. This beautiful indie pop rock single is certainly a summer track, holding all the best memories you and your favourite people share. With it is simple, yet effective beat, featuring heavy hi-hat and amazingly crafted guitar riffs this one ticks all the boxes when looking at becoming the next big hit. The vocals here offer an almost soft, warming element to the track, which when coupled with the lyrics match perfectly, given the topic of the song focusing on youth, choices, and being risky in love. If you’ve been a fan of early Paramore you may be a fan of this amazing piece.



YELGO7 - Central Park

Brooklyn, United States

Credit - Diana Hernandez

Next on our list is Yelgo7’s latest release “Central Park”. If you’re looking for an easy beat and super catchy melody this is the track for you. This uptempo track fuses a number of elements to keep the listener on their toes, be it the EDM beat delivery style, the woven pop-like melody, the rap interlude, or even the rocky edge the vocals have to offer. This track carries a lot of potential for any event whether you’re at the beach with friends or home alone wanting to cheer yourself up, this track will have you tapping and moving away.



INDUNA - All My Love

Auckland, New Zealand

Credit - Ray Ling

It is not secret that Afrobeats has taken the world by storm and is finally getting its recognition, well this next track is one that needs to get trending on Tiktok with its island vibes, “All My Love” by Induna is one dance away from viral. This Afropop track offers everything the perfect potion has to offer, the enticing beat making the listener want to move, exquisite and sensual vocals luring everyone in, meaningful catchy lyrics that can easily be sang along to, and not forgetting the beautiful production makes this piece nothing but vibes. This needs to blow up and be played on every radio station.




United States

Now we are onto something truly unique. ‘Dead Man’s Tale' by US artist Jefferson Parish is one for the listeners who like something a bit eerie. This mysterious track toes the line of soft rock with a tremendous clear flow. What this artist has done is something never experienced before, with an amazing ability to merge great simple music with deep feelings, that flow uniquely from each listener, this can be played in a room full of people who will all experience a different journey within themselves. Its upbeat tempo and deep vocals make this track an easy listen day or night no matter what mood you are feeling.



BROOKE STILLA - Not Over Getting Over You

Toronto, Canada

Credit - @lilspyce (Natasha Kopunovic)

Nearing the end of this week’s top ten and we have the next breakup anthem to be played through the speakers and screamed at the top of our lungs as we cry into a glass of wine. ‘Not Over Getting Over you’ by Toronto artist Brooke Stilla is all about the hardship of Not just a breakdown but also getting over that breakup. The dreamy vocals in this track are almost seen to play the role of a mind, flowing as would the conversation at such a time. There are a variety of sounds used throughout that add several dimensions to the piece bringing uniqueness to the offering. While this song is all about taking your mind off the situation at hand, 0laying this track will take you on a journey of emotions, both yours and the artists. It’s a perfectly composed piece and one to add to your playlist in waiting.



F. SCOTT - Summer Shame

Guelph, Canada

Nearing the end of this week with the beautiful ‘Summer Shame’ by F.Scott. This was a wild journey to go on, with there being so many different elements being put into one track, so meticulously. Starting with a meditative hum a serene scene is set. This continues as different elements are introduced, providing the effect of a live show loop to the listener. This builds into a hypnotic backing track complementing the vocals that then come into play. The raw, rough, sharp nature provides a direct opposition to the backing track while also somehow being perfectly aligned with the groove that runs throughout. This is an all-out enjoyable experience that would be perfect to have to play at the hangout.




Orlando, FL, United States


Finally, to see us out of this week’s top 10 is a cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘Into you’, by United States artist, Kristopher.

This melodic cover has been a delight to listen to and certainly was a great one to see this week put with. The sweet tone of Kristopher’s voice has turned a typical upbeat pop anthem into a calming serenade that leaves you feeling the centre of the world. This piece allows the listener to hear this track from a completely different angle, one which makes it hard to imagine the original, with the use of instruments building slow, steady and sensual anticipation, executed and carried perfectly by Kristopher’s enticing vocal ranges. What an amazing vibe to create from this extremely popular track.




NUMBER 2 - LACAÑGAN - Take It To The Floor


NUMBER 4 - COLD FAME - If That's Love



NUMBER 7 - BROOKE STILLA - Not Over Getting Over You

NUMBER 8 - F. SCOTT - Summer Shame

NUMBER 9 - INDUNA - All My Love

NUMBER 10 - YELGO7 - Central Park


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