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There are times when as journalists or fans of the craft hear a song that intrinsically hits a spot and just makes us just jump out of our seats. Essex based Danny B The AirHead is and brings ‘Genius’ a witty lyrical performance with a catchy afrobeat and a continuous and captivating bass synth. It’s not surprising that the energy is high here due to its mix of UK Rap and Afropop with Dancehall elements. The sound of Danny B The AirHead will suit fans of the likes of NSG and Jae5.

Danny B The AirHead isn’t just genius with his lyrical wordplay but as well as writing them, he also produces and performs almost all of that which comes from his artistry.

I think that as 2023 continues we’re going to hear a rise in the familiarity of this artist – so make sure that you get in there first before he becomes a household name!


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