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DATCHA - Bonesaw



Boston, United States

Credit - Anna Madsen

Datcha’s brand of pop is unique in the best of ways. Described by the band as “Bedroom Pop,” I completely see where they are coming from. It has that vibe, that feeling of taking a load off. The sounds are warm, made of glass, humming with reverb and sub-bass. Their latest single, ‘BONESAW,’ adds a darker vibe. It has lo-fi elements, synths that warble and fade out after they pluck a note from the air. The vocals sit close to you, some of the lines are whispered, others spill out with melodic brilliance. Datcha are creating a sound that is resilient. It doesn’t feel like it will age. It feels as if it has always been and always will be. ‘BONESAW’ takes that invincibility and makes it human, adds a chill vibe, and settles down to watch the stars go by.

These new branches of pop are birthing fascinating music. ‘BONESAW’ from Datcha may be the one that breaks through. It's so colourful and personal, even to those simply passing by you can’t help but be enthralled by the melody.



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