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David Alex-Barton Unveils Tender New Single "Your Love Is Safe With Me"

Nashville's seasoned musician David Alex-Barton releases a soul-stirring love song showcasing his deep roots in country and soft rock.

David Alex-Barton, the seasoned New England native turned Nashville singer-songwriter, has released his latest single "Your Love Is Safe With Me." Known for his rich musical background that spans genres and decades, Alex-Barton delivers a song that resonates with themes of love, safety, and redemption.

With his distinctive blend of country, soft rock, and pop, David Alex-Barton crafts a melodic sanctuary in "Your Love Is Safe With Me." The song features his soulful vocals and lyrical prowess, which fans have admired in his previous projects including the legendary power pop punk band The Outlets and the country rock ensemble Tattoo Cowboy.

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Reflecting on his new release, David shares, "This song is about offering a promise of steadfast love and the assurance that one's heart can always find a safe haven. It’s for anyone who believes in the power of love to heal and redeem."

Listeners can expect a touching melody accompanied by heartfelt lyrics that aim to soothe and uplift. The Country tones are homely, raw and warm offering listeners a shoulder to lean on as well as a soundscape to enjoy on a sunny day. The mix of country and soft rock fuse together to make an outstanding pop-rock anthem. The tones are clean, and polished to perfection and as a result, everything shines. The lyrics are full of love and safety. It's a song that will excite lovers of the Country Rock genre but it will also become an exciting guilty pleasure for those who aren't as keen on the genre. "Your Love Is Safe With Me" is a super catchy release that's packed with energy, clean tones, and the rawness of the heart making it an infectious addition to your playlists.

"Your Love Is Safe With Me" is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting audiences to delve into its emotional depth.

Don't miss out on this beautifully crafted song from David Alex-Barton, which is poised to be a favourite among fans of genuine and moving music narratives.

Genres: Country, Singer-Songwriter, Soft Rock

Mood: Heartfelt, Romantic, Redeeming

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