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Dax Dives Deep: A Soulful Reflection on Manhood in Soothing New Hit "To Be A Man"

Rap artist Dax continues his quest on the rise to global enlightenment with his latest release “To Be A Man”. The song takes a different approach from many of this hip-hop artists’ previous releases. It’s calmer and more relaxed in instrumentation. Taking a stripped-back approach that drops trap beats out of the equation, is something that we are increasingly hearing more of from this artist. With a similar tone to his previous release “Dear Alcohol”, Dax uses a relaxing alternative backdrop to his sung vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. “To Be A Man” takes listeners through the mind of a male, the pressures that they face and the recognition that they sometimes lack. It is a message, an acknowledgment, and a place of solace for the men who find themselves trapped under the sea of stress in the modern world.

Dax has the true skill of digging into the existential and philosophical realm when creating his lyrics, and again, we have been blessed with another release that concentrates on a topic that lacks discussion.

A brave release from an honest soul.



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