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DEANO - Harley Motor Bike


Harley Motor Bike

Detriot, United States

Shivers. Goosebumps. Cold sweats. The tingling of my rockin’ soul. All of my current dazed afflictions can be attributed to the rock and roll splendour of Deano and their single, ‘Harley Motor Bike.’ It's a 90s rock staple born in 2020. The vocals mash Axl Rose and Vince Neil together in one big pot of rock and roll riffs. The instrumental in the back is sublime; with high guitar tones matched with their chugging pairs; the bass rounded, and the beat fast. The drums splash on cymbals and barrel home quick on the snare. The melody is everywhere, from the percussion all the way through, it's got a smoke ring of soul. Blues to the core, Deano nailed it with this one. ‘Harley Motor Bike’ is through and through a classic rock staple. The sound, the punch, the attitude and the melody. I can’t think of anything better.

Do yourself a favour and try something new. Don’t chuck on Appetite for Destruction for the 10,000th time. Instead, chuck on Deano. It’ll blow the snakeskin right off your boots.



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