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Updated: Nov 13, 2022


Alles Soll Schön Sein

Berlin/Leipzig, Germany

Credit - Bob Sala

Now it's time for a little new wave indie in the form of the German band, Deltawelle. The inspiration behind their name comes from the revelation that the main songwriter of the group produces song ideas unexpectedly at night just before sleep. The group, therefore, named themselves after the graphic representation of a brainwave. Cool right?

Their latest release isn't just that in itself, rather it marks their latest release from their upcoming EP. So, what is the song called and what does it translate to mean in English? 'Alles soll schön sein' meaning Everything should be beautiful is the answer to both of those questions. The song addresses the feeling of desperately failing to capture happiness.

The band are a talented bunch who produce everything themselves - which is the marker of a determined group of minds. Listeners are guaranteed to get swept away in the obscure funk-based basslines and Ska-inspired lead guitar strums. - TAMARA JENNA

A nice bit of synth indie rock adds a sense of futuristic coolness to the production along with the layered vocals and high energy of the overall production. This is a really great piece, especially for a debut release. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Deltawelle in the near future.

Indie Rock marries dance in this track! Get it on repeat! Click the link below.


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