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Discovering Light in the Dark: An In-Depth Review of Denni Ian’s Latest Track

Denni Ian’s ‘I Plan To Run Out of Darkness’: A Spiritual Musical Expedition

Denni Ian’s ‘I Plan To Run Out of Darkness’ is a spiritual song about the ending of all things. It’s an indie slow-set tune that borrows from rock in creative ways. Shifts of tone and rolling piano tones underline the vocals as they embark on their cathartic journey. Deep notes crawl through barbed brambles, the mids flow like highland winds. In the middle of the scene, the vocals, singing to us as a friend, as a witness to emotion. The song builds and changes tact, a chorus hits you out of nowhere but doesn’t stay long. Before you know it you’re thrust once more into the darkness and the lyrics drag you ever deeper.

Denni Ian
Denni Ian

‘I Plan To Run Out of Darkness’ is one of those tracks that you have to look at from all angles. Initially, it hits you one way, with its clever percussion and catchy melodies. But then the lyrics catch you from behind, driving home their message and carving kindness into your heart. Denni Ian proves once again that they are a master of poetic songcraft. Through sheer power and love, the song rolls and boils and delivers to you an epiphany: the dark is only dark if you let go of the light. Thought-provoking and endlessly entertaining. A smashing piece.

Denni Ian
Denni Ian


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