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Deuce Denninger Lights Up the Rock Scene with 'In The Nights': A Bluesy Boogie Masterpiece

Perryville's Own Deuce Denninger Returns to His Roots with 'In The Nights,' A Track Bursting with Classic Rock Swagger and Soulful Rhythms

Fresh out of Perryville, Missouri, Rocker Deuce Denninger sets the rock world ablaze with his latest single, "In The Nights." This rocking blues bonanza drips with the essence of classic rock swagger, showcasing Deuce's unwavering dedication to his musical roots. With fiery guitar riffs, a driving rhythm section, and soul-stirring vocals, "In The Nights" is a resounding declaration of the exciting things to come from this rock maestro.

So, what can you expect from the track in hand? Well, "In The Nights" brings together a powerhouse of talent, featuring Deuce Denninger on guitar and vocals, Shannon Meyer on lead guitar, Ken E Keller on bass, Tom Roed on keys, and Jimmy Brotherton on drums, with background vocals harmoniously provided by Kara Smollen and Joyce Baker Statler. The collaboration melds together an array of talent to harmoniously resonate with the spirit of rock legends! Infused with the unique influences of ZZ Top, The Black Crowes, and Johnny Winter, "In The Nights" offers a sizzling consideration for the addition to your rock playlists!

The track was recorded at Hopi Lane Productions in Perryville, MO, under the meticulous direction of Deuce Denninger where it was mixed and mastered by Tom Roed. Taking listeners on a journey back to the golden age of rock, this song has been carefully reimagined for today's modern audience without losing the grit of good old classic Rock n Roll. It is the lead single off Deuce's highly anticipated album, "Rock & Roll, Country Women, and Blues", promising a revival of rock's gritty glory and soulful depths.

Deuce Denninger himself encapsulates the essence of this release, stating, "Keep an eye out for more rock and roll coming soon!" in a clarion call to rock enthusiasts everywhere, and, a reminder of the genre's timeless appeal.

"In The Nights" offers a homage to the nights that shape us, the music that moves us, and the undying spirit of rock that refuses to fade. As Deuce Denninger and his band breathe new life into the classic rock genre, they invite listeners to join them in celebrating music's power to unite, inspire, and set our souls ablaze.

Prepare to be captivated by the soulful rhythms and nostalgic vibes of "In The Nights," a track that promises to be the perfect soundtrack for those who live and breathe rock n' roll. With Deuce Denninger at the helm, the future of rock looks brighter—and louder—than ever.

Genre: Blues, Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Rock n' Roll, Roots

Mood: Energetic, Soulful, Nostalgic, Electrifying

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