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DEXTER DINE - Intertidal



Brooklyn, NY, United States

‘Intertidal’ from Dexter Dine is a worldly — no — otherworldly foray into the mind of musical expression. The sounds and textures that emanate from the single are jaw-dropping. First, a mottled percussive tone; crawling from the earth, no more than a thimble. It grows, pads play, syncopated rhythms fire in the back, a melody rises. Vocals call up the wood, the vines rumble from beneath our player and the sky is brought closer. You look down, the world is vines, the sounds crawling and battling in a beautiful frenzy, seeking out the sun, the bright clean vocals.

Experimental synth wave that feels like it comes from the same inspirational trigger as Ween, with modern indie vocals and a through-line melody that ties the whole song together. Sometimes experimental tracks like ‘Intertidal’ get washed away by creativity. They miss the music, the art. They lose their form and just become sound. Not here, no sir. Dexter Dine are a master of sound space. ‘Intertidal,’ their latest cabochon.


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