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Philidelphia, United States

Rapper on the rise, ‘Diamond Blacc’ is a proud Philadelphia native whose goal is to hit the hearts of a global audience. His debut EP entitled ‘Shannon's Son’ was released in January 2021 making a mark on Blacc’s future sound of hip-hop. His single ‘DEMONS’ not only addresses the demons of the world but also those that linger internally.

Taking a spiritual journey through the planes of Blacc’s mind is something that is inevitable upon listening to this release.

So, who’s ready for a metaphysical battle? I’m always down.

Opening with an audio description of what it means to be a ‘demon’ echoes with heavy delay to lure listeners into darkness. Panned synths transmit throughout the production to act as a haunting wave of darkness along with a variety of scattering trap percussion loops, a haunting and cinematic synth rides the piece into new territories.

The rap flow – where do I start?! Speedy, energetic, fierce and precise. Think the darkness of DC movies, the production style of G-Eazy’s songs – the fierceness of a troubled soul, trapped by a whole world of villains from the mind and beyond.

Diamond Blacc is a strong contender for greatness. His words hit as hard as his sound. Brilliant. – TAMARA JENNA

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