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Pittsburgh, United States

We are super excited to announce that Dioneesus is back with a brand-new track! His latest release entitled 'Lolita' is a multidisciplinary pop anthem that addresses the concept of new love. It's as simple as that.

Who is Lolita? what is this song about?

This track features guest vocals from Nandita Mahesh who describes a new love affair in great depth. What I love about the nature of this piece is that it covers both perspectives (male/female within this particular setting).

The hip-hop drum programming within the backing track provides an easy pillow for the vocals and the electric and bass guitar to rest upon. This is a really interesting piece that provides a back-and-forth vocal between the perspectives that I previously mentioned.

One of the standout features of this production is the way that the instrumental acts as a current within an ocean of reflection. This allows listeners to wholeheartedly grasp the concept of the piece easily and effectively. - TAMARA JENNA

That's not all though! Dioneesus has one last trick up his sleeve in the form of an accompanying music video starring Stacia Paglieri that was filmed in the Pittsburgh Cultural District that is set for release on 14/11/22 so keep your eyes peeled for some more unique twists and turns!


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