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DIRTY D/JUNK - They Call Me Old Man


They Call Me Old Man

San Diego, United States

Dirty D is bringing the heat in the latest single from his project JUNK, ‘They Call me Old Man.’ The song fuses rap instrumentals and lyrics with new jazz sounds and compositions. With masterful performances across the board, ‘They Call me Old Man’ shoots into the must-listen category, pretty darn quick. The lyrics are fast, witty, and carry a flow in them that gets those shoulders rolling. In the back, the instrumental is having a field day. Bass rattles, percussion sparkles and that saxophone rolls in the funk of it all, climbing higher and dipping low, catching you off guard at every turn. The chorus explodes with a warmth in the Vox and the backing spirals into a harmonic whirlwind.

Dirty D knows how to whack together a funky tune. It's in the feeling. There’s no rulebook, you’ve gotta hear it. And man … when you do, it's a sound for sore ears. ‘They Call me Old Man’ is a jazz track for the new age, a combination of genres that become greater than the sum of their parts.



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