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Discover Jan Youri's 'Alors on Tourne': A Transcendent Pop-Rock Track Fueled by Emotion

Jan Youri 'Alors on Tourne' Album Cover - Bercer le Bonheur
Credit - Jan Youri

‘Alors on Tourne (Radio edit)’ is a smooth pop-rock track that hits all of the best notes from French artist, Jan Youri. The beat is low, the bass is grounded. It speeds at you, faster than you expect, but never a burden. The guitars spark to life, called out of the shadows by the smash of a cymbal. The band assembles, awaiting a vocal which, when it arrives, speaks comforting words over soft melodies. It brings light to the dark. There’s funk in the back, a pace, a swing — it pushes ‘Alors on Tourne’ away from being just another rock song and into another world. There's emotion here. So much of it, gushing from every beat, dripping from every word. It's transcendent.

Jan Youri is pushing their sound as far as it will go, and it’s working. ‘Alors on Tourne’ lives on their latest album, Bercer le Bonheur and its tones and textures feel right at home. If you love great music fuelled by profound emotions, discover, ‘Alors on Tourne’ by Jan Youri.


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