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Doja Cat's Album 'Scarlet' - The Wait Is Nearly Over thanks To Cryptic Video

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

"Doja Cat's 'Scarlet' album cover featuring her in a surrealistic setting.
Not going to sugarcoat it because there is nothing sweet about it!

In a Yellow Brick Roadesque travel through a dark path of bushes, a video shows the quest of a long and I mean LONG walk towards what we assume is going to be a jump scare. With nothing but a torch and several clues along the way - will the ending be a trick or treat?

I won't ruin things for you - here's the link

We've cracked the code


The code points to a location in Chicago, Illinois. Specifically Chicago Cubs

Models of 'Scarlet' have been popping up in various locations.

Is this the final piece of the puzzle?

You're welcome!


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