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Birmingham, United Kingdom

For gorgeous, calming and emotional tracks look no further than Dom Malin and their latest release ‘Overgrown’. This terrific track will have you drift off into the calming riff this amazing folk track provides. Behind this, emotionally charged release is a feeling of loss that is laced with memories of happier times.

This is done in such an amazing way, with there being simple guitar riffs flowing throughout the backing track and intense violins woven between beautiful snare-heavy drums, which carry this track's solemn feel. As we move through the track, and it begins to build the emotional intensity reaches its high with all the sounds coming together like an orchestra before quickly fading. This seems to work in line with the topic extremely well, where the end discussed seems to be an abrupt one.

Then we think of the vocals. We are blessed with two people's gorgeous vocals, male and female and they complement each other so well. Having both provide almost two perspectives of where this track could be coming from depending on how you perceive the song that day. The male vocals are those that offer a Mumford and Sons feel, being smooth and emotional. The female vocals other an angelic feel with an amazingly warm tone. What I love about this is that it is rare an entire song is duetted, rather than a verse sung individually. This really does add that ability to make of the meaning what you will, without sacrificing any part of the journey or story.

This is a beautiful representation of what can be achieved when two sets of vocals combine and complement each other so perfectly! - JASMINE


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