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DOOSC - Ayaymama



Saeul, Luxembourg

House is not a stagnant pool of 4/4 beats, though some onlookers may believe so. No, it is a varied and eclectic landscape, full of bright and colourful tones and textures, each differing wildly from one another. One surefire way to perk up a non-House lover is with ‘Ayaymama’ from DoosC. It's a House track indeed, but it is a unique and natural blend of House that sends it into a world all its own. It is slower, the beat has a swing to it. The bass is green, lush, and full of stops and starts that perk the ear and send you spiralling into a melodic wormhole. When you emerge, you are surrounded by rain, the humidity of the music, and a feeling of belonging.

DoosC (partnered with Gaya Waska) has produced a House sound like no other with ‘Ayaymama.’ It is wild, free. It brings forth images of the wilderness of Jumanji and at the core of it all is a melody and beat that you can’t help but stamp your feet to.



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