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Moving Down South

Oslo, Norway

Credit - Per Øyvind Mathisen

‘Moving Down South’ is a smooth-going and hard-hitting Americana country single from the DSP band, or the Down South Pepper Band. The track is upbeat, full of outstanding guitar frills and tones as well as heartwarming vocal harmonies. The bass walks the open dirt road with a satchel on its shoulder and a 6 shooter on its hip. The drums play the wind and the sun, catching the high sunlight at perfect angles and taking the beams further and further as the beat goes on, stretching the warmth into strings that the guitar can play. It's warm, it's funky, it's fun and it’s a hell of a tune.

The song opens with a guitar frill, you can't mistake the tone for the genre, its country through and through. And the good kind of country, the gritty rock and roll stuff. It's high leather boots and horseback riding music and it's not apologising. ‘Moving Down South’ plays its way further down as it goes, it gets richer as layers of guitar and percussion move in to hold the vocals up even higher. The two-part harmonies set the melody on fire and it's a blaze of American bliss. ‘Moving Down South’ deserves to be on every road trip playlist and every dance medley. While you're there add everything else the Down South Pepper band has released to your library, it's all top-notch and you’ll thank me later.

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