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#DRÉANTHONY Blew my mind with his project - #Dice




Toronto, ON, Canada

Canadian Hip-Hop/Rap artist #DRÉANTHONY is no stranger to music. Having spent eight years mastering his craft TJPL NEWS has finally been introduced to the artistry of this artist. #Dice is a 6-track project released by #DRÉANTHONY on March 24th, 2020. When discussing the intent behind his craftmanship, the hip-hop artist stated that his "purpose for creating music is to connect to people and for them to enjoy the music." So, without further ado, let us introduce you to his craft. #Dice opens with a track called #OnMyMind. In this track, we are introduced to heavily autotuned rap vocals that hit with pure flavor. My instant thought was "Drake" but BETTER! The instrumental has catchy bell synth layers to its melody and perfectly mixed trap drum loops. The vocals are hard, clear, and catchy! This track is a whole vibe that fans of Drake are certain to vibe with. #Bands showcases a whole other side to the artist, here we hear autotuned vocals that give off a #Future vibe. I LOVE THIS! The instrumental moves away from the happier tones of bell synths and into a darker drill-type beat that is just as catchy as the opening track. #IRemember opens with an old-school Rhodes R&B feel to the song before introducing a heavy trap drum loop. The hook discusses the notion of being left unseen when being "down" and the recognition when you finally start to pop in all that you do. Relatable? Have a listen and see how fast you find yourself vibing to this one! #BrandNew moves away from feeling "down" and into the transition to greatness. In this track #DRÉANTHONY lets the listener know that he's feeling brand new, with new shoes, a new woman, and a fresh outlook. This is a great track that moves back towards the sound of #Drake once more whilst giving listeners feel-good energy. #LetMeKnow brings the bell synths back for an appearance. The drill-type choppiness of these synths raises the overall tempo of the track through their choppy yet hypnotic nature. The trap drum loops are accompanied by pounding 808s to add a little extra sprinkle of spice to an already hot track. Concluding the project is a song entitled #NoWrite-Offs where #DRÉANTHONY reintroduces the old school sound with the freshness of new hip-hop. The lyrics here are deep, you can hear the journey of the artist. We really get to hear the hunger that he has for his craft and lifestyle. This project is nothing less than flawless. The instrumentation provides a mix of old-school hip-hop and modern contemporary hip-hop and merges them together in a way that has been perfectly mixed and mastered. The vocals are on point. The lyrics are well crafted, recorded, and executed to perfection. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from #DRÉANTHONY, this is an artist with the potential to blow bigger than Drake - and that is a bold statement to make! Make sure that you have a listen to the project by hitting the Spotify player just below this sentence - You don't want to miss this one.



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